If you are reading this, you must be on the Selina Team. As I have many kind of works I just wanted to specifically highlight a few projects that I feel may be more relevant for you.

Feel free to wander around the site to see any of the other work!


For the last year I have been directing the filming of a weekly 30 minute literature program for national spanish TV, all filmed in different exteriors and interiors. I was responsible for the main camera and the recording the audio of the interviews.

Here you can see the programs (any of the last 35 have been directed by me) although given the nature of Selina, I’d probably recomend the Portugal program where we traveled to talk about portuguese literature and showed a little the city.

Two of my traveling reportages were featured in El Dorado an editorial agency and platform,with a strong aesthetic and long-form narrative approach.

You can see and read them here:

Raw Beauty (Peru)

What silence feels like (Finland)

peru folch
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